About #RiseUpAsOne

The goal of #RiseUpAsOne is to highlight diverse Californians standing up for each other’s rights as a show of solidarity, unity, and strength. Community organizations across California have come together in recognition of a shared struggle against historical, institutional and cultural inequalities and injustices.

This notion of communities standing up for one another is not new—it happens every single day, in every single neighborhood and across huge spectrums of identity. #RiseUpAsOne is simply an effort to collect and highlight those narratives as a dramatic shift from the vitriol and hate in today’s political climate. Visually, #RiseUpAsOne looks like an API woman standing up for BLM or a Muslim man standing up for LGBTQ rights or a member of the clergy standing against DAPL or a young Latinx standing up for disability rights. Collectively, communities coming together represent a shared vision for a California, for a country and a society where there is health and justice for all.