#RiseUpAsOne spreads the message that as Californians, all of our fates are intertwined, and when we stand up for each other — regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or background — our communities are stronger, and we are all healthier.


Strategic messaging like #Health4All and #SchoolsNotPrisons are supporting successful efforts to include undocumented children in Medi-Cal and shift school discipline and criminal justice policies away from punishment and towards prevention. 

These clear and accessible messages help to engage and mobilize thousands of historically disconnected residents, and to amplify their voices. 

Communities separated by hundreds of miles are connected and united within these common efforts. 

#Health4All also helps to bring immigrants rights and health advocates together. 

Similarly, #SchoolsNotPrisons unites advocates of reform with survivors of crime. 

As policies change, the status of thousands of Californians can be transformed -- From 'the uninsured' to the community of the covered. From 'suspended and expelled' to belonging in school. From 'felon for life' to having a chance in the job market. 

These changes in status enhance the agency and voice of people who have been marginalized, often because of racial and social bias. 

Solidarity and 'power in numbers' are driving forces behind the progress associated with strategic messages like #Health4All and #SchoolsNotPrisons.

Why #RiseUpAsOne?

Attacks on vulnerable communities and the progress we have collectively fought for have increased the urgent need for solidarity and power in numbers. 

This urgency drove community-based organizations and statewide advocates to mobilize, break down issue silos and find common ground on values that unite communities. These organizations want to signal their support for members of other groups who are also under attack and find support with those who have a shared struggle against historical, institutional and cultural inequalities and injustices.

Residents want to voice their commitment to a unified and inclusive vision for California and the nation.